Echte Krieken bier 6.8° - 1/4L - 8.4fl.oz

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The traditional Flemish cherry ale. This refreshing ale is based on Vichtenaar and has the aroma of Kirsch cherry brandy, smooth, vanilla-like oaky palate and late surge of passion-fruit flavors with some acidity. Local sour cherries are added during the maturation process to the wooden casks containing Vichtenaar. The final product is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 years old beers. The "Echte Kriek" in contrast to other kriek beers, only uses full kriek cherries. The "Echte Kriek" is a very refreshing beer, particularly suited to long, warm summer evenings.


TVerhaegenhe Verhaeghe brewery is a small family company of the south of the Flanders Occidentale whose history goes up at the end of the 19th century. It is about the one of the many splendid artisanal breweries in which always Belgium abounds. The Verhaeghe brewery is characterized by the mixing of its beers west-flandriennes from red color brown always being done according to the authentic traditional method. "It is not the quantity, but the quality which counts", such is the currency which makes it possible the Verhaeghe brewery to make leave its beers the mash tubs successfully.

For several decades, the Verhaeghe brewery has been able to be praised to have received various prices and distinctions in Belgium and abroad for its beers "Vichtenaar" and "Echte Kriek".

Echt Kriekenbier labelFood Pairing: Their sharpness makes them extremely thirst-quenching and, due to their high acidity, they compliment most foods very well. It makes the ultimate aperitif beer, it makes the ultimate beer to match with rich foods such as buttery cheeses, roasted turkey, or prime rib, because of its cutting power. It would be the perfect beer to match with or have as a sorbet, or rich and dense deserts.

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