Bush Ambrée 12° -1/4L - 8.4fl.oz

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It was created in 1933 by Alfred Dubuisson, grand-father of the present family brewer, Hugues. Its former name was "Bush 12%", but today it's known as Bush Amber. The amber color is due to the use of caramel malt. Bush Amber is one of the strongest Belgian Ales with an alcohol content of 12°.  Its bitter sweet taste provide s it with firmness and personality. What's more, it helps digestion. The full flavor masks the high abv. Pretty copper/amber colored with a tick white head. Definite hints of Belgian candy sugar and some biscuit malts.

The Dubuisson Brewery has a rich history and strong values, giving it the kind of au thenticity that few other breweries can boast… Created in 1769 by an ancestor of current managers Hugues and Vincent Dubuisson, the Dubuisson Brewery is the oldest brewery of Wallonia. Remarkably it remains located in the same place to this every day… 8 successive generations of brewers have followed and we are proud to say that the Dubuisson brewery remains 100% independent.

The BUSH variety of beer was created in 1933 by Hugues Dubuisson’s grandfa ther. His original recipe has remained unchanged for over 70 years, making it the oldest Belgian beer brand available on the market. Since our foundation, the Dubuisson Brewery has remained faithful to unchanging principles and values :

  • Producing beers of high fermentation, which are entirely natural and without any additives.
  • Producing beers encompassing character and offering well-defined tastes and aromas.
  • Not wish to produce “tag” beers (a single beer recipe marketed under different name tags), Therefore, no Abbey beers here.

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